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I’ve seen many decks other than mine
Each one unique, one of a kind
Some live in pockets and rarely come out
Some know not what this allegory’s about
Blisters on feet ‘cause the piper won’t stop
Some are pried loose like corn from a crop
Proud dwellers, those other in hands
They demand attention like rain on dry sand
Come hither you. Here’s my deck of cards.
I’ll show you a few. Oh dithering gods!
Oh where oh where are all my 52 cards?
My Kings and Queens, Diamonds and Twos
Are all here albeit hidden from view.
I’ll show you my Jokers, though they really don’t count.
You’ll notice not, thinking you’ve got me figured out.
Clubs and Spades, I can’t tell them apart.
I was dealt this hand and life imitates art.
Reaching up to the sky like a vine
Counting constellations until I
Fell asleep and
Dreamt the dream of newborns
Time, ‘twas endless
Free-floating, no walls
Images holding forever
Like a sea of stars
Thoughts weaving patternless patterns
Opaque emotions dancing
I am one with the universe
Reaching up to the sky like a vine
Not knowing the horizon is a mirage and I
Am stardust
I'll be using Chrissy's 100 Theme List… from :icon100themechallenge: and checking off each theme as I finish it.

Chrissy's 100 Theme Challenge List
001) Intro.    karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
002) Adventure. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
003) Mysterious. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
004) Flying. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
005) Feathers. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
006) Hermit. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
007) Computers. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
008) Cyber-run! karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
009) The Beauty of Heaven! karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
010) Freedom.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
011) Sinister One Watching.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
012) Betrayed.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
013) Come Back To Me!  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
014) The Fight Against Love!  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
015) I Forgive You.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
016) Guardian Angel. karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
017) A Forbidden Kiss. 8/1
018) Suspicious Accident.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
019) Broken.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
020) The Weight of a Broken Wing.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
021) Hellpit.…
022) Deep in the Labyrinth.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
023) Horrendous Hands.  karlyblacklestrange.deviantart…
024) Sweet Suffering.  8/8
025) Demons take Flight.  8/9
026) The Staff.
027) Inferno.
028) Full Power.
029) My Adversary.
030) Rescue.
031) Home at Last.
032) Lost in My Thoughts.
033) Taking a Holiday.
034) It's Just Too Hot!
035) Now for Swimsuit Time! ^_^
036) On the High Seas.
037) A Lurking Shadow.
038) In The Deep.
039) Colossal.
040) Victory!
041) Fireworks!
042) Fall Leaves, Fall.
043) This Halloween.
044) Night of Mischief.
045) The Unfortunate One.
046) A Lesson Learned.
047) Firestorm.
048) All to Ashes.
049) Time to Rebuild.
050) Hard Working.
051) Deep in Love.
052) Difference of Opinion.
053) Breakup.
054) Incomplete.
055) An Evil Returns.
056) Behind You!
057) Silent Scream.
058) Loss of a Loved One.
059) My Breaking Heart.
060) All Alone.
061) I'll Never Let You Go!!!
062) Misunderstanding.
063) The Feast.
064) Giving Thanks!
065) Winter is Here.
066) Dressed in Fur.
067) Let it Snow.
068) Christmas Time!
069) Hear the Bells.
070) A New Year.
071) Oh So Cold!
072) Signs of Spring.
073) Seedlings and Saplings.
074) Butterfly.
075) Woodlands.
076) Thunderstorm.
077) Field of Roses.
078) Moonlight.
079) Sexy.
080) Dance!
081) Sword Play.
082) Going Berserk.
083) Deadly Nightshade.
084) Wake up!
085) Bound!
086) Gunfight.
087) My Last Gift.
088) The Death Of Me.
089) An Angel's Grave.
090) Mourning for Their Loss.
091) Wandering Spirit.
092) Haunting.
093) Resurrected!
094) Not Quite the Same.
095) Gone Evil?
096) Mad with Power!
097) Defeated.
098) I Still Love You!
099) Stronger than Before.
100) Forever and Ever.


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